I have this little guilty pleasure called The Challenge. It’s an action packed show on MTV and I’ve watched religiously for years.

Tonight was the finale to the best season yet. If you are also a fan of the show and haven’t watched the finale, stop reading now. I’m about the spoil the s#$% outta it…


Let me catch-ya up to speed if you’ve yet to discover this amazing gem of a show.

For decades MTV has been bringing together former cast mates of their shows (mostly the Real World and Are you the One) to compete in a challenge-style game. The challenges include everything from physical strength and endurance to mental resilience and intellect (riddles and puzzles oh yeah!!)


Taking Action

ready for actionSo what brings me to take the time to blog about this shiz tonight and ask you to take a few minutes of your time to read it???

Cuz a bad-Ass chick won The Challenge. Let me clarify… she won by competing against men. Still not impressed?

This was the 31st season of The Challenge. Women have won before along-side men. But this was the first time ever in 31 seasons that a women has been crowned The Challenge Champion competing against men.

Ok one more time. This amazing chick competed against strong, smart, competitive men… and she won. Wow!! Can we get an F-yeah?!?!?! Way to represent!

Cara Maria, you are an inspiration. You set your mind to the right place AND took action. That’s what we call getting intentional. You are an amazing example of how powerful a woman is when she is determined and matches that determination with action.

Facing Her Fears

But wait, the celebration does not end there. Cara Maria’s has another win to celebrate. Because her journey was not easy. And she had to face a lot of fears and resistance before taking home the win.

In one of the interviews with Cara she joked about how she’s the biggest chicken in the house. She’s afraid of everything… especially heights. But she faces those fears every single time.

And she appears confident despite the trembling happening inside. So much so that she terrifies her other competitors. They view her as a threat so they all come at her at every turn and make it known that they so badly want her to fail.

Ready for actionAnd what does Cara do? She keeps her head down, keeps her focus on her goals, and she doesn’t let her fears or the judgment and resistance from her peers distract her from her purpose. And she wins.

That’s what we help you do at Intentional Fate. We help you face your fears, ignore all the chatter that seeks to derail you, and, most importantly, take action to conquer your goals.

If you’re ready for your F-yeah moment and are ready to take action (no meditate your way to money bs here) then hit us up. Cuz we’re ready to see another chick take home the win… every time.

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