Where is everyone?

Are you and your website feeling a bit lonely? Feel like you’ve tried everything and leads still aren’t coming in?

We hear ya. We’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs just like you who’ve had the same issue.  Here’s what’s helping them increase their website traffic:

Be a Blogger

Yep, blogging is still important. It’s all about content, babe. Take this post as an example. The biggest issue that the fab ladies in our Women Entrepreneurs Getting Intentional Facebook Group are reporting is…lack of leads. So, we wrote this post to help! Sometimes it’s just that easy. A cool tool we recommend when you’re stumped is Answer the Public. You can enter your keywords and see what questions the general public has about that topic. Just like that you’ll have a whole list of things to write about it that people will want to read.  That’s a great way to boost your website traffic.  Did we mention, it’s free?! BTW, the home page looks a bit sketchy (it’s funny actually), but don’t be scared, it’s legit, lol.

Be a Guest Blogger

We’ve had clients have a TON of luck with guest blogging. In fact one client got her biggest client and a huge partnership from just one guest blog post – how cool is that?! You can do it too!

Find websites that compliment your niche. For example, if you’re a photographer, look for a wedding planner. If you’re a health coach, check out healthy cooking websites. Use Google to make this even easier. It can be as simple as searching for: “health coach submit guest post” or “photographer guest blog opportunities”. The possibilities are endless. If you’re stumped on who to search for, send us an email and we’ll send you a few free ideas!

Be Creative

Check out websites like Quora and Answers.com. Create your profile and get to answering some questions. You can even pitch your biz in your answer. It takes some time but the website traffic is already there on these sites so take advantage of their amazing SEO juice.  Even answering just a few questions a week can make a big difference for your site.

Be a Chatterbox

Don’t be shy, you need to get out there and talk. Book yourself some podcast interviews, co-host a webinar, run your own webinar, look for conferences even in your local area, contact your library to see if they have an education program, link up with a Meetup in your area. There are so many opportunities, you just need to do a little legwork but the results are so worth it.

You get free promotion and can drive all those folks to your website – instant traffic!

Not sure what to talk about? Here’s a few ideas: share your story, solutions to your ideal customers problems, new takes on old ideas, your view on current events. There’s plenty to chat about.

Be Famous

Well, maybe not famous, but getting press coverage is always a win for your biz. One quick way to do this is to sign-up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO). It’s a free site that you can sign-up to receive daily emails that list articles where journalists are looking for experts. We just had an article published last week on a website that has 100,000 views a day! Now our website traffic has seen a big boost and all we did was read an email and hit reply.

Be Social

Last but certainly not least, learn and understand how to use social media. The biggest tip we can give you here is that you really and truly must be social. Not salesy – social. Relationship marketing is one of the biggest ways to build a community of people who will become your raving fans. Focus on solving problems, giving feedback, sharing ideas. Don’t cold message people or drop links in groups without engaging. It doesn’t work and could backfire. Do join groups, participate and then drop your links on promo days and be sure to support each other too.

Action Step

Your action step for the next week is to take at least one of these ideas and implement them in your biz. Keep an eye on your Google Analytics to see how you’re website traffic is improving and then, come back and let us know how it’s going.

If you’re feeling stuck and ready to really move your business forward, book your FREE Strategy Call with us. We’ll help you get clear and give you at least 3 ways you can generate more leads and get more clients.

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