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Guest blogging is still a great way to share your message and boost your expertise. Yes, Google doesn’t give as much “credit” to guest blogging for yoru SEO, but guest posts still help expand your network and increase your credibility.

We’ve scoured the interweb and found 15 FREE Guest Blogging Sites!

Digital Marketing Guest Blogging Opportunities

Famous Bloggers
Total visits: about 80,000/month
They accept articles related to business, SEO, marketing, design, social media, making money online, or blogging.

Inspiration feed
Total visits: about 400,000/month
They cover these topics: design, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, applications, themes, SEO, WordPress, social media, etc and require a minimum of 1,000 words.

Total visits: About 2 million/month
It’s a metrics website so they’re focused more on things like analytics, A/B testing, and website optimization.

Total visits: About 500,000/month
Topics they accept submissions for include: content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, metrics, and strategy. They accept how-to articles, research results, and infographics too!

Total visits: about 100,000/month
This site talks about blogging, and just about anything digital marketing related.

SocialMedia Examiner
Total visits: About 2 million/month
Since it’s a social media site, they accept articles on…wait for it…social media! They’re also looking for submissions on how to produce, edit and monetize live and recorded video content, audio content and blog content.

General Guest Blogging Opportunities

Total visits: about 4.8 million/month
If you’re a parent with a fresh or funny perspective, expert with new and unexpected advice, and/or a photographers or vlogger who tells great visual stories – this is the site for you. Their topics include: Parenting (Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, Big Kid, Tweens & Teens, Being a Mom), Lifestyle (Beauty & Style, Food & Party, Healthy Living, Home & Garden, Love & Sex, Money), Entertainment (Celebs, Celeb Moms, TV, Movies) and News (Crime, Good News, Politics & Views). Lots to choose from!

Total visits: about 8 million/month
Categories here include productivity, mental well-being, health and inspiration stories. They focus on showcasing new perspectives, practical actions, and uplifting messages

Momeo Magazine
Total visits: about 100,000/month
Other Mom bloggers can submit original articles and coaches, consultants and experts of all kinds can submit posts based on your own expertise – as long as you’re a mom!

Pick the Brain
Total visits: about 500,000/month
A variety of topics are available for you to write about for this site. Here’s just a handful; meditation, motivation, art, literature, health & fitness, entrepreneurship, education, blogging and the list goes on.

Scary Mommy 
Total visits: about 3 million/month
If you talk about pregnancy, children, living, beauty or have a cool personal story, you should check out this site.

Total visits: about 14 million/month
Another site with loads of topics to write about. Here’s a few to get your creative juices flowing: cooking, style, budgeting, organizing, crafts, career, relationships. Seriously, if you can’t find a topic here we’d be very surprised.

Total visits: about 11 million/month
If you’re into relationships – this is the site for you. They’ll accept articles on anything about the relationships you have with the most important people in your life (including yourself!). Articles on love, dating, marriage, divorce, parenting, mental health, sex and the like all work. Plus, if you have an article on travel or fashion, and you can relate it to how it affects your relationship with yourself or antoehr person that’ll work too!

Total visits: about 800,000/month
It’s a newer site focused on Millennial Moms so now’s a great time to form a relationship with them! They’re looking for articles on parenting, love & relationships, health & wellness, and other general life related topics.

Huffington Post
Total visits: about 137 million/month
This one is definitely very competitive, but if you have an original idea related to health & wellness, mental health, relationships, parenting, unique life experiences, etc., it’s so worth it to pitch to them.

So get out there and pitch away!  Not sure how to pitch, or what a guest post should be?  Book your free strategy call with us, and we’ll help: intentionalfate.com/calendar.

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