Meet Bethany

This small-town Canadian girl came to the big city of Chicago at the young age of 18 to explore what else life, and the world, had to offer.

During her professional journey she spent time in many different arenas from finance to higher education. And, along the way she grew an insatiable thirst for creating. From multi-million dollar fund-raising events to helping entrepreneurs successfully launch brand new businesses. Bethany breaths life into ideas bringing them into being.

Bethany Rocks At...

  • Finding the balance between life and work so that joy can be found in both.
  • Getting to the root of the fear or road block so we can deal with it and move the f$% on!
  • Metaphors! And be warned, she uses them a lot!
  • Systems! Bethany loves to create brand new systems or revise an existing system to make it even better. Blah blah blah. Did I lose you? In a nut-shell, Bethany is the gal you need to make your business run like a well-oiled machine!

Bethany's Intention Statement

“I empower female-preneurs to be intentional about their own fate in their business and their life.”

A few of her favorite things...

To eat: Guacamole, ranch dressing, dark chocolate
To cook/bake: Chocolate chip cookies, biscuits and gravy, ginger pumpkin trifle
To watch: Game of Thrones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, MTV’s The Challenge
To travel: Disney World, Vienna, her home country of Canada!!

What Bethany Values Most

Honesty, family, unbridled laughter, quiet peaceful moments, a fresh perspective, and integrity… it’s who you are when no one is watching.

She's All About the Bass

Bethany discovered a love for fishing when she met her amazing, out-doorsy,  adventurous boyfriend Nick. Together they bought a little 2 person bass boat and enjoy spending their kid-free time pond hopping in search of that illusive “monster fish!”

It took over a year and hundreds of hours of fishing before Bethany got her first catch. She was simply determined to not give up.

** Cheese Warning **  Although she has caught many fish since then, her best catch, by far, was Nick.

Favorite Quote

‘”In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”
~ Mary Poppins

She's believes in faith, trust, and pixie dust

Bethany has a huge love for Walt Disney because of both his creativity and his determination. After all, he created a magical legacy that has survived long after his death.

Walt inspired Bethany to believe that you truly can do anything you set your mind to… even if the first draft is a flop. Because with a little faith (in yourself), trust (in your team and the RIGHT process), and pixie dust (some good ole fashioned hard work) you CAN be intentional about your success.

Bethany’s love for all things Disney has been passed down to her two adventure seeking boys, who she suspects may just never grow up.

A Shout Out to My People

All of the above doesn’t properly sum me up without mentioning my people. The people who believed in me, inspired me, and pushed me to be intentional about my own fate. A special mention to: My amazing, adventurous, oh-so-much-fun, and passionate man, Nick. My compassionate, wild, and awesome son, William. My sweet, creative, and cute son, Hunter. My talented, unwavering, and inspirational parents, Keith and Penny. My beautiful, brave, and bad-ass sister, Dee. My cuddly and crazy dogs, Brutus and Tila. My kind, giving, and fierce dear friend, Candy. And last, but not least, my sexy, sassy, and super-genius partner in crime, Jennifer.

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