Is your website magnetic?  Are you attracting leads AND keeping them interested so they turn into clients?

If you’re not jumpin’ for joy when you look at subscriber numbers, or if you’re just sittin’ around waitin’ for your inbox to fill-up with orders, read on…

Make Your Website Magnetic

Here are some quick and easy ways to amp up that website:

Where’s your form?  We hope you have an opt-in form on your website.  You know the place were your website visitors can drop their contact deets to get your amazing free tool/offer. If you don’t have one – get cracking on it.  If you need help, just hit us up in our Facebook Group.  The goal is to place your form so your peeps see it without having to scroll wayyyy down the page.

Get moving: Did you know that about 40% of e-commerce purchases are made on mobile devices?  Wow!  If you’re site isn’t mobile-friendly you could be missing out big time.  Imagine 40% more sales – sounds pretty good to us!  If you’re not sure what your site looks like on mobile, check it out free here:

Are you safe? Do you have an SSL certificate on your website?  If you’re selling anything you want an SSL cert for sure.  If your payments are going through an e-commerce site that directs people to secure order forms, that’s ok too, but…

You still may want to go for the SSL cert.  Google has said they are going to start flagging ALL websites that collect ANY data and mark them as not secure.

If you have a contact form, web form or collect data at all, and don’t have an SSL site, Google will show it as Not Secure – ugh!

It’s “just” a warning to your website visitors, but in this day and age people are wayyyy more savvy and conscious about their personal data. They should be – and so should you.  Hackers – stay away!!

Whaddaya do? If we go to your website right now will we be able to figure out what you do?  If you have to explain what you do in more than 2-3 sentences, it’s too much.  People scan websites, they don’t read the whole thing (as much as we’d like them to).  Be sure your visitors can tell at a glance, while surfin Facebook and watching their kids’ soccer match exactly what it is you do and how you can help THEM!

We could go on and on about ways to make your website more magnetic.  But hey, we just told you people don’t read anymore, so what’s the point 😉

If you’re ready to get intentional about your website and other marketing – and your life too – give us a call!  We’re here to help you and would love to brainstorm some new ideas for you and your biz, click here to book your free Magnetizer Call!  We’re not scary and promise not to give some boring, creepy sales pitch either – just not our thang.

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