You can’t do it alone. You need a team if you’re serious about building your dream business and still having a life. A team you can trust to delegate to, brainstorm with, support you when the goin’ gets tough and celebrate all your amazing milestones too!

Bethany and I know the value of a team having your back. We started our digital marketing careers as Virtual Assistants (VA), served as Online Business & Marketing Managers (OBM) for entrepreneurs where we planned and managed 6 & 7-figure launches and ran a big VA firm too.

We’ve seen entrepreneurs use all kinds of team structures but the one thing they had in common, they didn’t do it alone.

There is no single best team structure, it depends on your lifestyle, your business, your goals and your timeline to achieve those goals.

The best place to start building your team is to take a look at your own skillset and see what’s lacking. Then…delegate the rest!

If you’re not a social media whiz, find someone who is. Don’t know how to generate leads or set-up a lead magnet? Find an expert. Struggling with technology for your biz? Get a tech whiz. It’s all about filling the gaps.

You can do it by yourself but it’ll take you longer and it’ll cost you more money. Say, what?

Yep, it’ll actually cost you MORE money to NOT have a team.

Imagine the time you’ll spend trying to learn all the systems and marketing approaches. Time you could be spending focusing on what you do best. Why not delegate everything else?

Working with digital marketing experts (like us!) will allow you to create a full marketing plan just for your biz.  Not a plan based on what everyone else is doing. A plan that’ll help YOU.  A plan of action to lead you on the path to your dream biz.

The most successful entrepreneurs we work with understand this and have learned the art of outsourcing.

It can be hard to let go at first, but a supportive team who understand you, your biz and your mission will put you a step ahead of the competition. Go forth and delegate!

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