I’m Irish and from a big, loving and incredible Irish family. As with most Irish families I’ve met we are a strong, determined, talkative and emotional bunch.  Here’s what my Irish stock has taught me about business:

Irish business lesson #1

Don’t rely on luck. Being a female-preneur ain’t about luck, lady. It’s about hard work. Don’t waste your time reading Facebook posts about people who created one funnel or ran one social media ad and made enough money to buy a Lamborghini the next day.

Those are either a bunch of blarney, or…you’re not hearing the WHOLE story.

Do you need a marketing funnel and social media ads? Probably.

Will you sell $1 million if you just do that? Definitely not.

Creating a dream biz is about consistency, perseverance, and BUILDING up your expertise and community. It’s not luck. ACTION is key.

Now, I’m not saying it’ll take you ages to do this. You can build a fab biz sooner than you think, if you are…wait for it…INTENTIONAL with your actions.

That’s right…if you spend time on the RIGHT things you’ll see faster and better results.

Irish business lesson #2

Don’t buy into the malarkey of becoming an overnight success. It’s one of the biggest myths I see on the internet.  Do “this one thing” and you’ll get rich tomorrow.  Really?  If it were that easy wouldn’t everyone do it?  Do the “internet gurus” really believe and actually apply their own tactics? Or…are they just selling a dream to you so they can fill their pockets?

Most overnight success stories took years of failing, readjusting and trying again and again.  In fact, there is an “overnight success” rule that it takes on average about 10 years to become an “overnight success”.

Sara Blakely founder of Spanx failed miserable before she became a billionaire.  She tried her hand at being a stand-up comic, decided to become a lawyer but failed the LSAT – twice(!), and was even rejected and playing Goofy at Disney – ouch!  But, she never gave up and hustled – every single day.  About 10 years later and after tons of hard work Spanx was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things show and Sara was an “overnight success.”

J.K. Rowling saw herself as a failure.  She was a single mother with no job, was as poor as possible without being homeless, was diagnosed with clinical depression and considered suicide. She began writing and 7 years later published the first book in the Harry Potter series.  Yep, 7 years to become an overnight sensation.  She kept doing what she loved and never gave up.

As Marie Forleo says:

“If you want to be an overnight success you need to be an everyday hustler.”

Irish business lesson #3

Family is everything. And in business your family is your community.  Be kind, be helpful, engage, really think about others and give back more than you take.

Don’t be slimy and hit people up on social media without a proper introduction.  Don’t try to sell everyone all the time.  It feels gross.

Treat others well and you’ll reap big rewards later.

Well, I’m off to have a scone and some tea…Enjoy your day lassies!


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